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Freedom for your iDevice

Free your iDevice in a split-second!
The World’s #1 App Installer for iOS

Where you can download anything you want, anywhere you want!

Freedom is fast
Download anything you want on Zestia – with a quickness.

Freedom is personal
Enjoy the most built-in privacy & security tools of any installer.

Freedom is yours
Use the only installer built for people, not profit.

Zestia is a better option than using the bare-minimum stock iOS. You can now explore a plethora of exclusive apps on Zestia, which will never be available via the App Store.

Zestia holds no risk that could place mobile phones in sensitive situations covering security or even voided warranties. It is considered the best alternative to stock iOS.

Zestia is the way to go for you if you don’t want to over-complicate things.


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